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Patent Pending Made Simple

Patent Pending In Two Hours

Patent Pending Made Simple is an AI powered software tool that helps you write a high-quality provisional patent application.

Simply answer our questions, and receive a provisional patent application that is augmented by our AI and/or reviewed by our patent attorneys.

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Patents Can Be Overwhelming

If you've come up with an invention, historically, you've had 3 (crappy) options to protect it:

  1. read books and blog posts for hours trying to figure out how to write a patent application yourself

  2. use budget filing services that do little more than proofread the text you provide, or

  3. spend thousands of dollars on expensive attorneys.

Sounds great, right? Didn't think so

Patent Pending Made Simple


Patent Pending Made Simple is an AI powered software that gives you the low-cost provisional protection you need to test your idea. 

We might be a good fit if:

  • You want to write a high-quality patent application yourself (with a little bit of guidance, and without a ton of legwork and research)

  • You don't want to spend a ton of money on patents before you get some market validation

Structured Approach

"What I what I liked was that it had a very structured approach. That structure really helped us write the provisional fairly quickly and and in the proper detail. So that that's what I found attractive was that your team had thought through exactly how the patent needed to work all of the different angles that we needed to touch on, and made it fairly simple for us to address each of those angles"

-Alan L, Inventor of Pattern Recognition System Software

Established Trust

"The way that you approached us as a startup made the biggest difference for me. You were there to talk to us before the process if we had any questions. I would say that made the strongest impact in deciding whether to use the the software; it built a lot of trust between me as the the customer and the product"

-Josefina H, Co-Inventor, Micro-droplet levitation technology

3 Easy Steps

Write Your Provisional Patent Applications In

Meet our step-by-step AI powered patent drafting software:

Answer Questions

Step #1:

First, answer a series of questions about your invention.

The questions are designed to make you think like a patent attorney.

For example, we'll help you think through the nuances of your inventions, how others may try to get around your patent, and how to get multiple layers of coverage on your provisional patent application.

Let Our AI Do Its Magic

Step #2:

Next, sit back and grab a drink while our AI works through custom templates and custom libraries of terms and patents to draft a perfect patent document for you.

Our AI is

  • Designed to avoid patent profanity.

  • Trained on high-quality, battle tested patent applications.

  • Uses the same custom templates that our attorneys use when they write a patent application for our clients.

File Your Patent Application

Step #3:

You'll receive ready-to-file patent documents that include your invention description and formal language that will help improve the breadth and scope of your patent application.

File your patent documents with the United States Patent Office by following our live or pre-recorded video tutorials.

Benefit From a Patent Attorney

(without paying for one)

If you don’t know what you’re doing, patent applications are some of the most complex and difficult legal documents to write.

The real magic of the software is how we've set up our questions. They are designed to help you think about your invention broadly, narrowly, and in the alternative. So that you can create multiple layers of abstraction around your invention.

The AI helps augment your answers and helps you avoid common mistakes.

Try it out today!

You'll Love Working With Our Software

Easy to Use

"I would definitely recommend the software. It was easy. What I appreciated is that I could always message you and ask questions. But it was honestly so simple and so self-directing that I don't think we did"

  • Michelle B, Vehicle Repair/Maintenance Product

Cost Effective

"If you have an idea or if you're a person who has multiple ideas, this is the way to go. If one idea doesn't happen to work out, this is such a better idea because it's cost effective. You get. Everything you need to submit your idea to the Patent Office."

  • Maurice P, Inventor, multiple products

Give It A Shot

"I would say definitely give it a shot. You don't have to invest a lot of money in it, which is key. And I would highly recommend going that route. For sure it's a it's a safer safer way to get your patent going where it's secure and then you have a year to finalize it into a Design or Utility Patent if need need be"

  • Gerald M, Inventor, Safety Coupling Device


"I'll say probably the best way to do this is to go through this software with your company. You know when people say dress to impress. If you use the software, you're going to impress that company on the other side. Because it's written beautiful, it's the wording everything is just perfect. So I recommend this software to anybody out there."

  • Miguel R, Inventor, Fishing Product

Protect Your Idea Today

Imagine waking up and finding a royalty check in your mailbox for your invention or creating generational wealth for you and yours. Take the first step to get patent pending today with our 100% money back guarantee.