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Patent Pending Made Simple

Patent Pending Made Simple is a self-guided software tool that helps you draft and file your patent application so you can test your idea without spending a fortune.

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The patent builder saved me so much money. My product is now in the final stages of product testing!

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C. Liang

Remove Guesswork from Patent Filings

Putting your hard-won ideas out there without patent protection is risky.

We might be a good fit if you want patent protection, but

  • Figuring out how to file your own patent is too much work.

  • Hiring a patent attorney is too expensive. (Or you want to test the market first).

Patent Pending Made Simple


Patent Pending Made Simple gives you the low-cost provisional protection you need to test your idea. 

We might be a good fit if:

  • You want to write or file a patent application yourself (with a little bit of guidance)

  • You don't want to spend a ton of money on patents before you get some market validation

Patent applications in 3 easy steps

Meet our step-by-step guided drafting tool

Answer Questions

Step #1:

First, answer a series of questions about your invention.

Questions are simple but thought provoking, like the example shown here:

Receive Documents

Step #2:

Next, you’ll receive ready-to-file patent documents that include your invention description and formal language that will help improve the breadth and scope of your patent application.

File Your Patent Application

Step #3:

File your patent documents with the United States Patent Office by following our live or pre-recorded video tutorials.

Benefit From a Patent Attorney

(without paying for one)

If you don’t know what you’re doing, patent applications are some of the most complex and difficult legal documents to write.

Simply answer the questions and we’ll help you expand the legal scope.


  • The tool was very user friendly. Patents are very technical and could be overwhelming, but the tool made it simple to navigate the process.

    M. Perkins

  • The patent builder saved me so much money. My product is now in the final stages of product testing!

    C. Liang

  • Can’t rate this highly enough. It’s so straightforward.

    G. Penloza

  • I am a supervisor for customer service agents, so I have experience working with computers but I don’t think I really relied on it to do this process at all. Patent Pending Made Simple is just reading and typing!

    J. Foster

  • Since I am now patent pending I am working on finding a manufacturer for my product. I have a designer creating my logo and I have made prototypes at home. I am so thankful for the process to have been so easy. I was expecting something really, really difficult.

    J Foster

Protect Your Idea Today

Inventors all over the US and the world have used Patent Pending Made Simple to become patent pending, and are actively pursuing their invention and testing their ideas in the marketplace.

When will you pursue your big idea?