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Improved Visibility

The traditional patent process often leaves you in the dark. It provides little visibility into strategy, return on investment, or likelihood of allowance and costs. Our process is different.

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My favorite thing about working with Outlier is facts. We were told, right out the gate, here’s your chances of success looking at the data, and here are the valuable opportunities.

Photo of Alberto Piña.

Alberto Piña

Co-Founder and CEO, Braustin Homes

Improved Outcomes

Our clients save an average of $9,000 per patent application because our patents are allowed with fewer rejections. If that wasn't enough, they also have much higher odds of getting a patent allowed in the first place.

Outlier’s allowance rate is 90%, significantly higher than the industry average of 64%.
Patents filed by Outlier IP are approved 90% of the time
The average software patent is rejected 4.2 times before final disposition.

Outlier saved us thousands of dollars in the patent process by minimizing rejections by leveraging their data tools. In fact, our first patent was allowed without any rejections.

Photo of Roman Sandoval.

Roman Sandoval

Founder and CEO, Allosense

Our Process

Our three-step process identifies valuable patent opportunities and gets those patents accepted more easily.

Business Strategy Tools

Step #1 Identify strategic opportunities by using:

Value Chain

We start by understanding all the players in the value chain that our clients operate in.

Aggregation Theory & Innovator's Dilemma

We understand who may be aggregating demand, who owns the customer relationship, and who may become commoditized.

VC Benchmarking Tool

Understand how patents may affect fundraising activities across various investors.

Patent Strategy Tools

Step #2 Identify patent opportunities by using:

Patent Landscape Tool

Identify “greenfield” IP opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Patent Valuation Tool

Identify high value opportunities using our Patent Valuation tool.

Competitor Benchmarking Tool

Use our Competitor Benchmarking tool to understand competition and set targets.

Patent Analytics Tools

Step #3 Improve patent outcomes by using:

Forecast Rejection Odds

Use our Patent Office Forecasting tools to understand odds of getting your patent allowed.

Forecast Solutions

Identify arguments that will lead to a resolution, quickly—and with help from data.

Forecast Costs

Use patent analytics tools to accurately identify when you will receive a rejection and associated costs to respond to the rejection.

Does The Process Actually Work?

Our patents routinely receive top marks from various valuation methodologies, and can represent a 100x return on investment for our clients. (This chart is on a patent that we drafted for a startup client).

Outlier’s patents have made a big impact on fundraising conversations, strategic conversations, and potential M&A conversations. We have confidence that our patents are punching considerable above their weight.

Photo of Alex Fly.

Alex Fly

Co-Founder and CEO, Quickpath Analytics

Clients love working with us

  • We just love this relationship, and we’re really excited to continue with them

    Roman Sandoval rated this podcast as 5 out of 5.

    Simply put, the Outlier is an amazing team and we’re very impressed.

    Roman Sandoval / Founder and CEO, Allosense

  • The human touch and the authenticity stood out to me.

    Gregory Cooper rated this podcast as 5 out of 5.

    I sometimes forget that they are not our employees; they definitely feel like a part of our team and a part of our family.

    Gregory Cooper / CEO, Social Mining AI

  • My experience with Outlier has been amazing.

    Ruben Laborde, Jr rated this podcast as 5 out of 5.

    It’s not only their work ethic that will impress you but the feeling they give you that they are looking after your best interest. My rating of Outlier is more than a 5 Star. Experience what I did...you will not be disappointed!!

    Ruben Laborde, Jr / Founder and CEO, B.D Brands

  • My experience has been 11 out of 10

    Enrique Pavlioglou rated this podcast as 5 out of 5.

    They have been by our side the whole way. And every communication just clicks, its straightforward and strategy focused.

    Enrique Pavlioglou / Founder and CEO, Checkups

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