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Focused On Value & Strategy

About Us

Our practitioners left elite BigLaw firms and in-house counsel roles because we saw a gap in the market for creating strategic patents (without being incentivized to file a large volume of patents).

The Outlier team understands that it is not the volume of patents, but the value of patents that get filed.

Photo of Shaun Edwards.

Shaun Edwards

Founder and CTO, Plus One Robotics

Top-Tier Talent


Our attorneys have worked at top AmLaw firms, and have engineering degrees; many have Masters and PhDs in complex technical disciplines.

Domain Experts

Our practitioners have written patents for tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Uber, and many others startup tech companies.

Competitive Edge

Many of our practitioners have high-stakes patent litigation experience, and know how patents get upheld or invalidated in the courtroom.

Data Driven

Built on Analytics

We built our law firm on top of business analytics and patent analytics.

Forecast Better & Get More Valuable

Our data tools help our clients forecast the amount and timing of costs more accurately.

Moreover, our data tools help us file valuable patents—and much more.

A Proven Process

Learn more about our Approach and how our data analytics tools create valuable patents and cut your patent filing time and costs.

Highly Specialized

Patents Only

We are singularly focused on patents. We don’t do trademark, copyright, contract, or litigation work. (But we can refer you to the right counsel!)

Lower Costs Through Efficiency

Singular practice focus reduces unnecessary costs and overhead.

Fully Aligned

If you need help outside of patents, we are not incentivized to refer you to other attorneys within our firm (who may be a poor fit).

Clear Communication

Signal ≠ Noise

We consolidate our communication with you so you’re not overwhelmed with updates. We also make sure to clearly tell you when  your action is needed or if it’s simply for your records.

Jargon Free

We take pride in communicating with our clients without using buzzwords, jargon, and legalese. You have our permission and encouragement to ask for clarification.


We help you understand the legal side and how it impacts your business. We’ll make recommendations so that you are able to make timely, well-informed decisions.

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Tell us about your competitors and keywords related to your invention, and we’ll share results from our data visualization tool during the meeting.