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Outlier IP is proud to part of San Antonio's tech ecosystem. We love creating strategic patents that help our clients obtain business objectives, which in turn helps move our tech ecosystem forward.

Every patent potentially helps you exclude someone from practicing your invention.  But a strategic patent helps you obtain other business objectives, which are often more valuable than legal objectives.  

For example, our patents help our clients exclude the right types of competitors, occupy strategic white spaces in competitive landscapes, close deals, attract inventors, find cross-licensing opportunities, and much more.

Moreover, we specialize in many of the industries that our San Antonio based clients specialize in.  For example, we specialize in medical device patents, software patents, cyber-security patents, cloud computing and other cloud-based technology patents, and vending system patents, just to name a few.

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We Represent San Antonio's Best & Brightest

San Antonio, in many ways, is an ideal location for growing and established tech companies. It offers affordable housing, many city business incentives, and a growing number of tech workers in the fields of cybersecurity, tech, and defense.

The city is developing fast too, especially with the help of individuals like Graham Weston and Kit Goldsbury, who are pushing growth and development.

Many startups and entrepreneurs are joining this diverse startup scene as tech grows within the city. Recent startups such as Mailgun Technologies, Merge Labs, WellAware, and FloatMe are just a few of the notable ones in the past years. For a more in-depth guide, here's a San Antonio Ecosystem Map for startups.

We are Committed to San Antonio's Tech Ecosystem

Giving back is one of the core ethos of the San Antonio tech community.  This value is so fundamental that Geekdom, one of the first technology incubators in San Antonio, instituted a policy of giving back as a condition for membership.

We firmly believe in this mission by giving back in a variety of ways.  We provide free monthly mentoring sessions at Geekdom and LaunchSA, and provide patent education at San Antonio based organizations such as Alamo Inventors (see our talks here and here).

There are many great organizations that facilitate the growth of the tech ecosystem in San Antonio.  But we would be remiss not to give a special shout-out to our client San Antonio Youth Code Jam.  They are all about inspiring kids to code.   Their coding jams foster an incredible interest and excitement in technology by introducing upper elementary through high school students to computer science. Moreover, they are incredibly well-run and make a real, meaningful impact in our community.  Please contact them if you would like to help get San Antonio kids excited about coding.

San Antonio is growing and making progress in every startup and entrepreneurship metric. A recent ranking by Inc. on "surge cities," cities that are surging forward in entrepreneurial activity, found that San Antonio is one of top cities in the US in rate of entrepreneurship, but we should also acknowledge that we are lagging top cities in terms of wage growth and early stage funding deals (see below). There is still work to be done, and we are proud to play a small role in San Antonio's tech ecosystem.

San Antonio Surge Rankings (https://www.inc.com/surge-cities/best-places-start-business.html)

We connect you to San Antonio's tech ecosystem

San Antonio’s tech ecosystem is sometimes criticized for offering fewer resources than other tech hubs such as Austin or Silicon valley.

While it is true that San Antonio’s tech ecosystem is not as developed as some other cities, we have found the ecosystem here to be more helpful and more collaborative than many others.  Brad Feld, a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, outlined some of the necessary components for a thriving startup scene in his book “Startup Communities.” San Antonio has all of these components in spades.  No matter what the detractors says, we have found the San Antonio tech ecosystem to be among the very best in the nation.

In an effort to remedy this perceived weakness, we have taken it upon ourselves to connect our clients to all of the wonderful resources that San Antonio has to offer.  We are happy to introduce you to San Antonio based angel investorsventure capitalistsacceleratorsincubators, and more.

See our Resources below to navigate the startup scene in San Antonio. Also, be sure to check-out Startup San Antonio's Resource Guide for a complete and definitive list.


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