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Outlier Patent Attorneys was founded with the purpose of helping NYC based technology companies protect their inventions more strategically.

NYC Based & Proud of It

Every patent potentially helps you exclude someone from practicing your invention. But a strategic patent helps you obtain other business objectives, which can sometimes be more valuable than legal objectives.

For example, our patents help our clients exclude the right types of competitors, occupy strategic white spaces in competitive landscapes, close deals, attract inventors, find cross-licensing opportunities, and much more.

Moreover, we specialize in many of the industries that our New York City based clients specialize in. For example, we specialize in software patents, banking and finance technology patents, e-commerce patents, cloud computing patents, AI/ML patents, blockchain patents, and virtual reality patents, just to name a few.

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We Represent NYC's Best & Brightest

New York City is an ideal location for starting a startup due to its large and diverse population, abundance of resources, and widespread network of contacts. Its strong economy and business-friendly environment make it easier to find talented workers and access capital for your project. Moreover, NYC provides several tech programs and incubators that can help startups get off the ground. The city also houses numerous accelerator programs, grants, and competitions which can fund promising ideas with potential. Finally, the city has a vibrant culture that encourages creative thinking and collaboration, making it an excellent place to kickstart an innovative new venture.

We are Committed to NYC's Tech Ecosystem

From the outside looking in, NYC may seem like an ideal place to start a business or a high-growth startup, because we have access to capital and because we have a large population to market to.

Looking at the data, however, according to Inc. magazine's "surge city" rankings, which measure how various tech ecosystems support startup activity and entrepreneurship, New York City scored very well on number of early-stage funding deals (woohoo!).

But, there is still quite a bit of work to do. Our population growth is slowing and we are no longer a leader in rate of entrepreneurship, which is something that we have to collectively work on.

New York City Surge Rankings (https://www.inc.com/surge-cities/best-places-start-business.html)

Outlier Patent Attorneys is proud to play a small role in improving NYC's tech ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurship and business creation.

We Connect You to NYC's Tech Ecosystem

New York City offers a ton resources to entrepreneurs, but finding and accessing those resources is not always easy. So we've put together some of the top NYC based resources here, and recommend taking a look this New York City startup guide.

We are happy to make warm introductions in the City if you need them.


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