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Outlier IP is proud to play a small part in Indianapolis' tech ecosystem. We love creating strategic patents that help our clients obtain business objectives, which in turn helps move our tech ecosystem forward.

Every patent potentially helps you exclude someone from practicing your invention.  But a strategic patent helps you obtain other business objectives, which are often more valuable than legal objectives.  

For example, our patents help our clients exclude the right types of competitors, occupy strategic white spaces in competitive landscapes, close deals, attract inventors, find cross-licensing opportunities, and much more.

Moreover, we specialize in many of the industries that our Indianapolis based clients specialize in.  For example, we specialize in IoT technology based patens, AgTech, communications technologies, supply chain and logistics technologies, and Marketing Tech (MarTech), just to name a few.

Contact us to learn more about how our experience can help you obtain value added patents.

We are Committed to Indianapolis' Tech Ecosystem

We love being a part of Indianapolis' tech ecoystem because of its internconnected and community.

Numerous coworking spaces like Powderkeg Hub and The Speak Easy are perfect for entrepreneurs and startups looking for workspace. Launch Indiana and several accelerator programs in the city provide resources to innovators in the area by offering workshops, assistance with funding applications, mentoring sessions and more. In addition to all these resources available for entrepreneurs looking to start or advance their businesses in Indianapolis, there are also various initiatives designed exclusively for tech workers in the city. One such initiative is Tech Indy which focuses on attracting top talent by connecting tech professionals with job opportunities at major corporations in the area as well as providing grants for those interested in starting their own businesses. Other initiatives like Women & Hi Tech promotes female leadership within STEM-related fields through events such as Women In Tech Festival.

We are doing pretty well when it comes to wage growth (ranked 11 out of 50), and early-stage funding deals (ranked 14 out of 50), according to Inc. magazine's surge city scores. But we shouldn't rest on our laurels. We are falling behind when it comes to rate of entrepreneurship (29 of 50), net new business creation (31 of 50) and job creation (31 of 50).

Indianapolis Surge Rankings (https://www.inc.com/surge-cities/best-places-start-business.html)

We Connect you to Indianapolis' Tech Ecosystem

The Indianapolis tech ecosystem is fairly well-connected, but it can sometimes feel daunting to navigate all the support and resources the city has to offer. For that reason, we've compiled the resource list below.

If you'd like, we are happy to make warm introduction to those listed here and others.


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