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Celebrating O/D Vision’s WeFunder: A Milestone in Telehealth Innovation!



We at Outlier Patent Attorneys are thrilled to share the fantastic news of our client O/D Vision's success in their recent WeFunder campaign. This achievement is not just a financial win; it's a huge step forward for telehealth and remote diagnostics, and we're honored to be part of this journey.

We believe O/D Vision's transformative medical diagnostic device will change the game in healthcare. It’s designed to make telehealth more effective and accessible, especially in areas where medical resources are scarce. This device is a brilliant example of how technology and innovative thinkers can bridge gaps in healthcare delivery, and the success of their WeFunder campaign proves that the market is ready for this kind of innovation.

Our collaboration with O/D Vision has been a journey of shared vision and dedication. As their patent attorneys, we've worked closely to ensure their invention is fully protected, recognizing its potential to revolutionize telehealth. Our role was to secure the patents essential for safeguarding their innovative technology, understanding how crucial this is in the competitive field of medical tech.

The product milestones that the O/D Vision team has acheived are a testament to the trust and confidence investors have in O/D Vision. It highlights the importance of not just innovative technology, but also the strategic protection of intellectual property in bringing such technology to the forefront of healthcare.

As O/D Vision moves towards bringing their device to the broader market, we at Outlier Patent Attorneys are excited to continue supporting them. We believe their success is a beacon for other healthcare innovators, showing the immense possibilities when technology meets strategic intellectual property management.

Congratulations to O/D Vision on this remarkable milestone! We look forward to seeing your continued success in reshaping the world of telehealth and remote diagnostics.

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