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We draft patents that improve the value of your business. Our unique, data-driven approach leverages unparalleled visibility into your business landscape to give you a competitive edge through strategic patent filings.

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Top-tier patent counsel with a focus on data-driven patent strategy.

Outlier’s patents have made a big impact on fundraising, strategic, and potential M&A conversations.

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Alex Fly

Co-Founder and CEO, Quickpath Analytics

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Use Patent Analytics Tools To Obtain

More than 90% of our patent applications are approved. If that wasn’t enough, they’re approved faster and with fewer rejections than some of the best law firms in the country.

We love Outlier’s use of analytics. It helps our patents get accepted much faster, with fewer rejections, and more breadth.

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Shaun Edwards

Co-Founder and CTO, Plus One Robotics

Outlier Value

Leverage Business Strategy Tools To Create

The patents that we draft routinely receive top marks from various valuation methodologies. We do this by using a modern, data-driven approach that helps us understand the patent landscape and maximize valuation scores.

Data Visualization tool helps you quickly understand the patent landscape
Patent Valuation tool helps you quickly understand patent value (and maximize it)

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